464 Gallery

Medium(s): Jewelry, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Photography, Pottery/Ceramics, Sculpture, Wood

Summary/Artist Statement:

464 is a multipurpose space where local and emerging artists can come to share, show , and sell their work, shape and sharpen their artistic skill set. The gallery houses rotating shows on a regular basis with dedicated gallery and retail space for members of MINDWEB.us.

Buy original work & prints from local painters, photographers and illustrators. Cd’s from local bands, books from local authors, ceramics, “recycled” furniture, and other various arts gifts.

"At 464, our mission is to provide a unique space for local and emerging artists, musicians and authors to show and sell their work, host events, and provide and receive arts-based education."

HOURS: Tues-Fri:12-6 / Sat: 11-6 / Sun: 11-5

Selected Artworks:

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464Amherst Street
Buffalo, NY 14207

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