Chatham Pottery / Catherine Gillespie

Medium(s): Photography, Pottery/Ceramics

Summary/Artist Statement:

Catherine Gillespie feels that the art is meant to be used and handled, therefore she creates very thin pottery pieces that are comfortable and enjoyable to use as well as view. She primarily produces fine hand-thrown stoneware with vibrant colors and themes from nature. Each pot is individually made; no two are exactly the same. She also makes tiles as a compliment to her popular custom-made vessel basins.
Catherine enjoys the challenge of commission pieces. It helps stretch designs and ideas which then often develop into a pattern she incorporates into her repertoire. She frequently works with clients to come up with design and shapes that are unique. These can be for sets or individual pieces. Bridal Registry is available.

She is a graduate of Tufts University with a BS in occupational therapy. In addition, she attended Boston Fine Arts Museum School for ceramics and fine arts. She has run Chatham Pottery for more than 30 years.
In 2000, when she moved to Buffalo she was struck with the strong and vibrant arts community in the region. It became her goal to help people who live in the region realize the depth and quality of the arts talents here. She is instrumental in the publishing of the Buffalo Niagara Artist and Gallery Guide which Artists in Buffalo Inc produces annually, and is a primary organizer for the Holiday Open Studios and Galleries. In 2009, Mayor Brown appointed her as chair of the Buffalo Arts Commission.
Catherine also is an accomplished photographer and in 2009 she published a genealogical cookbook, Fabulous Family Foods, that incorporates photography and old family recipes.

Selected Artworks:

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190 Bryant Street
Buffalo NY 14222

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