illusions 3rd eye productions/chary l. robbins

Medium(s): Painting

Summary/Artist Statement:

Having painted since she was a child, artist Chary Robbins was given a scholarship to the Albright Knox Art School (Buffalo, NY) at a very young age and what started out as “repetitive doodling” (as her mother referred to it), has grown into a multi-media art form. Chary skillfully stretches the bounds of realism to create highly emotive, organic works of art.

Being put into any “category” is very unfamiliar and difficult for Chary. She likes to think of her work as realistic and poignant, walking the periphery of abstract expressionism, yet providing the freedom to stroll elsewhere. While the viewer may be able to identify what the subject matter is; it is really much more about what the viewer feels when experiencing her work. Chary is more than aware that her meaning has little, if anything, to do with the outside world’s interpretation of it. Chary would wish the viewer to be moved by her artwork, to make them feel. Stimulating the senses, be it in a positive or negative way, is a greater achievement than to have her audience experience nothing. Ambivalence could be the downfall of humanity. It is, therefore, not necessary for Chary to give an explanation of her work - she very much prefers an onlookers interpretation. As an artist, Chary has the freedom of expression. As the viewer, she gives you the freedom of interpretation.

Various incarnations of Chary’s creative energy can be found in homes, businesses and galleries around the globe, from Buffalo, New York to Baja, California; Finland to Quebec. These incarnations embody many forms including decorative artifacts, paintings, public art projects in Buffalo, NY; Washington, DC; Rochester, NY; Erie, PA; Batavia, NY; Matawan, NJ; Wilmington, DE and Olean, NY; and the creation of private and public interior environments. It has been said that Chary will paint anything that sits still long enough to be painted!

Chary is a native of Western New York and currently resides and works from her home studio in Kenmore, New York.

Selected Artworks:



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636 Delaware Road
Buffalo, NY 14223

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