Deanna Weinholtz

Medium(s): Painting

Summary/Artist Statement:

Atmospheric changes have been the inspiration for many of my paintings. I am intrigued by subtle shifts in color and tone, texture and reflections. My painting style began as very realistic, controlled paintings. An abstract workshop introduced me to a new freedom of expression with color and texture. This style of painting was very exhilarating and allowed me to create in a completely new way. Merging realism and abstract has led to a more abstract impressionistic style in my paintings.

I paint with large brushes, rags and my fingers, using quick movements. Fluid acrylics and watercolors are the mediums I use because of their glazing effects. My paintings are known for multiple layering creating an optical mixing of colors and allowing a very subtle shift in colors as well as an abundance of depth. Texture is introduced either through the use of color or gel additives to give a more tactile feel to a painting.

The freedom of abstract impressionism has brought a renewed excitement in creating my newest collection of works.

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Amherst, NY

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