Vicki Schneider

Medium(s): Glass, Jewelry, Sculpture

Summary/Artist Statement:

I am very proud and humbled to continue the ancient traditions of flameworking (aka lampworking). In the most basic terms, I melt rods of colored glass at a propane and oxygen bench burner (torch) and manipulate the glass into one-of-a-kind decorative and wearable art. I work exclusively in soft glass (COE 104) and continually stretch the limits of the medium. This is especially evident in my realistic glass portraits of dog heads, glass chain necklaces, and free-standing sculptures in the Venetian style.

Initially trained at The Studio (Corning Museum of Glass), I have studied with some of the world’s most highly-respected lampworking artists, including Emilio Santini, Loren Stump, Wesley Fleming, and Bronwen Heilman. In2009, I opened Expressive Glass, a 9-torch teaching studio in Buffalo, to introduce others to the magical world of flameworking and to create a place where novice and experienced lampworkers can expand their skills and share their passion for glass.

Selected Artworks:

Contact Details:



3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219

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