Pat Sorbini-Simplesong Studio

Medium(s): Mixed Media

Summary/Artist Statement:

All of my work uses paper as its primary component. The heart of Simplesong is book arts, but I also do cast paper and collage. My larger journals are embellished with raised or recessed collage, while the smaller ones are simpler, covered in the most interesting papers I can find. There are smaller works, too, mostly one-of-a-kind cards and small collage magnets. Paper is the most humble of materials, but I enjoy experimenting with it, seeing what it can do. The collage work grew from a desire to see what I could do with all the scraps of beautiful paper I didn't have the heart to discard.

Most of my work utilizes quotations and inspirational words, those "simple songs" combining with the papers to make work that I hope have the power to create an emotional response.

I write about being an "art show carnie" and about real life on my blog, "viewfromtheattic.blogspot .com"

Selected Artworks:

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168 Richmond Ave

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