Ronna Mink

Medium(s): Pottery/Ceramics

Summary/Artist Statement:

Specializing in saggar fired vessels and birdsSaggar Firing

Saggar firing is a method of firing in which each ceramic piece is protected by an enclosed structure within the pit or kiln. It can be made out of many different materials. Clay, brick, kiln shelving, and aluminum foil are among the most commonly employed, although traditionally made from clay.

Each one of my forms is meticulously prepared for firing. After creating the piece, I smooth and polish each piece by sanding, painting it with a fine particled slip and then burnishing it until it shines. After an initial electric firing to harden the clay, each piece is wrapped in aluminum foil containing combustible materials such as sawdust, and seaweed. I build a large fire in which the saggars are scattered throughout. The high temperature of the fire causes the combustibles within the aluminum foil to fume, creating beautiful colors and patterns. Once the fire has cooled, pieces are unwrapped, washed and waxed.

This pottery remains porous and is strictly decorative. Take care not to add water or place in direct sunlight. It may be buffed with a soft cloth.

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