Crafted by Lori

Medium(s): Glass, Painting

Summary/Artist Statement:

As an artist, I want to create beautiful, useful things. My body of art combines several things I love – wine, flowers and re-purposing objects. The bottles I create can be used as dispensers for olive oil, dish soap or maple syrup. Do I need to explain the wine glasses?!

My primary inspiration comes from nature but I consider my designs as graphic representations of flowers. The use of colors within the petals and leaves creates interesting detail as does the precision of the brush strokes. I use enamel paints, which are baked onto the glass and can withstand a run through a dishwasher. I advise my customers of this but include the caveat that hand-washing with a soft cloth prolongs the life of my products. When I start a design, I have an idea in mind. I don’t sketch prior to painting or use a template so each design is truly a one-of-a-kind creation.

Selected Artworks:

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