eye of beholder creations/ cari feltz-abdo

Medium(s): Collage, Mixed Media, Painting

Summary/Artist Statement:

Staring up at the clouds as a child would, what would you see?
I had this thought while staring at a piece of plywood my ex-husband and I had glued various objects from the yard on, including dirt, old shingles, popsicle sticks, etc.. We then gessoed the piece and he was inspired first to add color. It was nothing more than a bumpy, burnt-sienna and yellow board. Or was it?
During a night of insomnia I began to stare at the piece and all I could see was my face. It was clear as day to me but I knew that it wouldn’t be to anyone else. So I got out my paints and decided to bring her to life. My self-portrait was then born as well as my love for color, texture and recycled mediums.
With no formal artist training, a complete disrespect for perspective and other qualities a ‘good’ painting ‘should’ have, I developed a primitive, child-like form of expression that was not only therapeutic but it was ‘freedom’. There are no mistakes. Perfectionism is not an issue as my work is never perfect. I take forgotten and discarded items and turn them into clouds in which I can stare and use the blessing of color to bring what I see alive.

Art is freedom. My art is MY freedom as well as yours as a viewer. I invite you to stare at my clouds and see what you see.

Eye of Beholder Creations is the perfect name to express my artwork. I am Cari Feltz-Abdo. A California native transplanted into Western NY.
I am an eccentric, quirky, paradoxical person and those qualities and more are very prevalent in my artistic expression. As a teen I began sketching, as most creative individuals do. I however have never been what I would ever consider a 'talented' artist. I could never draw anything realistic and it frustrated me so I quit trying. I still had the driving desire to get my thoughts and emotions out and yes, did a lot of creative writing and still do, but I wanted something visual that others could see hoping they would understand how I felt. I began a form of 'doodling' that would incorporate words, symbols and color to accomplish that. As time went on I would begin attempting to get the same result with paint and canvas. Then as life so often does, my creative drive was halted by 'growing up' and starting a family.
In my mid-20s following some pretty rough seasons of life, my desire to get those thoughts and emotions returned. What would follow would become my therapy, my passion and freedom that would adorn every bit of wall space I had. I have created pieces for friends and loved ones that incorporated parts of who they were. I began seeing walls, cabinets, even the ceilings of my home as potential canvasses. Also after years of becoming a pretty decent cook and baker I began my own cupcake business from my home. Sacred Cupcake was born in 2008.
I have had several obstacles hinder my abilities to create at times. I have several health issues that often make simple tasks challenging. I have struggled with, sometimes debilitating-treatment resistant depression which has either starved or fed some of my pieces as it does for most artists of all forms. Despite my body and mind's desire to not cooperate at times, I overcome and have been inspired to share more of myself through my creations that are to be enjoyed by your eye, the beholder.
A selection of my work will be on display and available for purchase at Filigrees Gallery and Boutique on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY, throughout the month of May.
Since I am having trouble getting images to load here for preview you can view my work at:
(Eye of Beholder Creations facebook page) http://www.facebook.com/CariFeltzAbdo
and you can get more info on Sacred Cupcake at http://www.sacredcupcake.com
or- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacred-Cupcake/183267107280?ref=ts

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