Irwin M Franco

Medium(s): Jewelry, Metal

Summary/Artist Statement:

I am always seeking to follow the evolution of my creative energies.
It is my endeavor to sense that primal component existing within the souls of those that engage my skills.
My focus is upon the construction of unique ornaments, which will function sculpturally on their own, and bring forth an additional energy to the personality of the wearer.
Generated by the whimsy of inspiration, influenced by the time of age, and the realization for a need within a presence of environment that confronts me.
I work my Art so as to make my visions tangible, sometimes by method, sometimes by chance, in form, some are static, some are kinetic, all the elements combined and brought forth primarily with the tools of my mind and my hands.
Each piece it’s own tribute to the gift of creativity that I was both blessed and cursed with.
I am eternally grateful for what I do!

Selected Artworks:

Contact Details:




Irwin M. Franco
4357 Harlem Road
Amherst, New York

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