OnceUponAMoon ~ Art by Jesi Ferguson

Medium(s): Jewelry, Mixed Media, Other, Photography, Sculpture

Summary/Artist Statement:

Once Upon A Moon...
there was a little girl who believed in magic... and she still does.

I'm a self taught artist. My work comes from that enchanting place where dreams are born.
I open a book inside my head and begin to read; “Once Upon A Moon…” and raw,unbleached flights of fantasy emerge. Some are mischievous and wild like the mountains, others are as dark and mysterious as shadows that dance under a full moon.

I find beauty in nature and in the wrinkled faces of the old ones. I look into the eyes of a child and find magic. I feel the textures in the many emotions of those I call family and friends.
All this shapes my art and makes me who I am.

Selected Artworks:

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