Jessica Rosenberg

Medium(s): Mixed Media

Summary/Artist Statement:

Well, I am an young artist who is still in College. I created this profile to try and start getting my name out there into the art world. I go to Daemen College for Illustration as well as minoring in Graphic Design. My main areas of interest in terms of what I like to create are Fairies and or mystical kind of stuff, vampires, animals, and flowers. I want to become a great artist when I graduate. Currently I am in the baby beginning stages of learning how to Digital Paint in Photoshop, there is a strong need for them in the art market, and It is something that I would like to put on my resume that I know how to do. So fare, I am only working on my second digital painting, but the first round of it went very well! So i expect that this time around should turn out beautifully as well.
Drawing and painting has always been my strongest suite, I love doing it and that is why I have chose to make it my career.

Selected Artworks:


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