Gerald Mead

Medium(s): Collage

Summary/Artist Statement:

My artwork consists of series of photography-based collages/assemblages that are never larger than several inches. The intimate scale is deliberate and intended to encourage inspection of their complexity and obsessive detail and engage viewers in the act of decoding the metaphors and references. My work also balances the revelation and concealment of (visual and actual) text. Vintage photographs, historical art reproductions, images from popular print media and found materials are used to form a web of multi-layered imagery. The assemblages, many containing “enshrined” collages, are constructed with objects ranging from antiquated photography equipment to ambiguous domestic objects. The used and aged objects are heavily imbued with meaning and taken out of context or placed in opposition to an object from another era; they take on new and unexpected meanings. Appropriating (and subverting) these objects and images represents not only my aesthetic and intuitive choices; it also introduces a dialogue with the viewer about how objects and images are observed and interrelated and how strategies of recombination affect that interpretation.

Selected Artworks:



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