Missy Crowell

Medium(s): Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media

Summary/Artist Statement:

During the last twenty-five years or more, summer visits to Maine, especially Swans Island, have become an annual ritual where I’m able to cleanse myself from technological bombardments of the past year. Treasured island friendships are rekindled over epicurean delights while found objects from woodland and beach walks fill my pockets. My magpie or bowerbird tendencies are sorted on the deck and organized into temporary collages that are photographed for studio inspiration during the upcoming winter. It may take several years before objects are utilized into a jewelry collection of similar themes.

Ironically, it is with metal I convey the delicate and perishable qualities I see. The challenge of this medium forces me to discover a palpably acceptable solution. The ability to create sugar from sand, sunlight from rain, or bricks from mud is essential for my creative sensibility.

My jewelry is an expression of my experience. When one chooses to wear or gift it, he has truly discovered a portion of my passion.

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East Aurora, New York, USA

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