Oatka School of Glass

Medium(s): Glass

Summary/Artist Statement:

The OATKA School of Glass is a place where we bring together talented and respected instructors from around the country and students interested in learning from the “Masters and Innovators” in the Glass Field.” We run workshops and drop-in style classes ranging from 2 hours in length all the way to 2 week workshops. The drop-in workshops are great for girl & boy scout outings, birthday parties, office team building, or just for a fun afternoon or night out.

The OATKA School of Glass provides fully equipped studios and work stations for almost every kind of glass exploration: from Kiln Casting, Lamp Working, and Fusing to Glass Mosaics, Fritography, Large Vessel Forming (including Glass Vessel Sinks), and custom Architectural Projects.

We also have a gallery space displaying our glass work and a store that is fully equipped with all your glass and tool needs.

Selected Artworks:

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2nd Floor, 56 Harvester Ave., Batavia, NY 14020

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