Patti Harris

Medium(s): Collage, Mixed Media

Summary/Artist Statement:

Originally from Buffalo, New York, I married a Canadian and now live in Fort Erie, Ontario. With a background in painting, pottery and fibers, my art career has developed from weaving to papermaking and, more recently, has evolved into sculptural assemblages. Endeavoring always to blend color, texture, dimension and fiber in my work, I have taken classes in ceramics, printmaking and painting. I have been in many juried shows and have had many one person and group shows in the Buffalo and Toronto areas and the Niagara region. I am an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists.
I have a history of ferreting out old and unusual boxes, wood foundry patterns, photographs, papers, metals, stamps, threads, books, natural objects and other ‘stuff’ from everywhere. I collect and sort intriguing items from all over; often unsure at the outset what eventually will come from them. For me, the boxes often evoke attachments to the past and also for those who enjoy them. My work is very textural; I love the feel of different materials
Each of my pieces of art is a one-of-a-kind assemblage or collage. I use many ‘vintage’objects, those neglected or discarded, that seem to stand the test of time. I treasure those that speak of past lives and vocations; our modern life seems to have outgrown these bits and pieces. This past year much of my work has focused on the waste of materials and the need to reuse. Themes have also emerged, especially those relating to social conscience. Because I use many recycled materials, all of my pieces are original, never to be duplicated. I like to use a variety of mediums to create something a bit more unusual so that I can bring a different twist to something that may otherwise be considered ordinary.

Selected Artworks:

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1530 Dominion Road
Fort Erie, ON L2A 5M4

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