Jen Seth-Cimini

Medium(s): Painting

Summary/Artist Statement:

Daily life often forces us to internalize what we really think and feel about our world and the people in it. We can also be forced to see things in a way that others have defined as more accurate or realistic. As an artist, I am training myself to see people, objects, and their surroundings more purely each day, and I find that I have a truly distinct way of seeing and perceiving a subject. I am an expressive artist – my use of bold colors and uninhibited line reveals that. My acrylic and oil paintings focus on landscapes or on people and their surroundings. My conte crayon sketches are often of the human figure and occasionally of a more architectural nature. Whether a landscape or human figure, the way that I relate to my subject and “see it” can be vastly different than anyone else. Furthermore, I want my work to evoke a feeling and a sense of “being there” with me even if you do “see” it differently.

Selected Artworks:


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